Promosagri, a cooperative of promotion, planning, consultancy and technical assistance, has a social base that includes agricultural production cooperatives and service cooperatives (purchase and sale of factors of production and agricultural products) and represents one of the main groups of farms in Italy and Europe. The areas managed by the members amount to about 15,000 hectares of land for specialized herbaceous and arboreal crops. The activities carried out by the CABs (Farming cooperatives worker-owned) members of Promosagri range in the various sectors of agriculture: from plant production to animal husbandry (dairy and beef cattle) to the production of energy from renewable sources (biogas, photovoltaic). The vegetable productions carried out in large plots are obtained with integrated and organic farming methods. The environmental commitment is also ensured by interventions on over 1,000 hectares of renaturalisation, with woods, hedges and wetlands.

Promosagri aderisce a Legacoop Romagna e Legacoop.

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