A complex year for cereals comes to an end. The only exception was barley.

Increase in dedicated areas but declining field yields due to severe drought in the country.

Ravenna, 19th July 2022. The 2022 straw cereal harvest of the Cooperative Farmers' Cooperatives in the province of Ravenna ended amidst lights and shadows. The overall volumes, down from last year's excellent quantities, with the exception of barley production, amounted to 217,300 quintals. 

For soft wheat in integrated production, the average yield was 63.34 quintals per hectare (-14% compared to 2021), while in organic at 52.81 (-25%). The same negative trend was recorded for durum wheat with an average yield of 62.72 quintals/ha for integrated (-9%) and 45.51 for organic (-24%). Barley, on the contrary, reached a new record thanks to an average of 76.58 q/ha for the harvest in integrated production (in 2021 it had been 75).

Unsatisfactory results, mainly due to the drought that did not allow the absorption of all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the ear.

In fact, total production decreased by 14,000 quintals compared to the previous year, despite the significant increase in cultivated areas. In particular, of the 3,508 hectares of cultivated land (last year there were only 3,276 hectares), 1,758 were cultivated with soft wheat, 1,580 with durum wheat and 170 with barley. 

The area devoted to organic cereal cultivation almost doubled from 220 to around 410 hectares. 

Unfortunately, here too the quality is not up to the standard of 2021 (a record year), especially with regard to specific weight.

Finally, great concern remains over the spiralling increase in the cost of technical means (fuel, fertilisers, etc.).

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