The 7 Cab donate 18,500 euros for Ukrainian refugees

Ravenna, 3 May 2022 - More than two months after the outbreak of hostilities, five million Ukrainian refugees have crossed into neighbouring countries in search of safety. Of these, over 100,000 have arrived in Italy. It is for the war refugee emergency that the seven CAB - Cooperative Farmers' Co-operatives members of Promosagri have donated 18,500 euro to the Civil Defence of Emilia-Romagna.

This morning, at the end of Promosagri's annual assembly, the representatives of the CABs met the contact person for the province of Ravenna of the Regional Agency for Territorial Safety and Civil Protection, Marco Bacchini: 'I thank the Cooperatives, Promosagri and Legacoop for this important contribution to the management of the emergency in Ukraine. It is important for us to see once again that we can count on the generosity of an entire territorial system that enables us to respond to emergency situations in a concrete and reliable manner".

"The spirit of solidarity, which has always guided the Farmers' Co-operatives, could not be missing in this terrible phase. This is why I would like to thank our CABs and their representatives present today: Rudy Maiani of Agrisfera, Gabriele Tonnini of Cab Massari, Mauro Parisi of Cab Fusignano, Massimo Bezzi of Cab Bagnacavallo and Faenza, Massimo Pepoli of Cab Campiano, Andrea Caroti of Cab Comprensorio Cervese and Angelo Mariani of Cab Terra," said Stefano Patrizi, president of Promosagri.

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