The Board of Directors unanimously re-elected Stefano Patrizi at the helm and Giovanni Giambi as vice-president for the three-year period 2021-2023

Ravenna, May 29, 2021 - The Ordinary General Assembly of the Members of the cooperative services, dedicated to cooperatives between workers of land management in the area, last Wednesday, May 25 has confirmed the directors of the seven Cooperative Agricultural Workers members of the Board of Directors, which, in turn, have appointed for the second consecutive term Stefano Patrizi and Giovanni Giambi respectively to the presidency and vice presidency.

"I am honored for the renewed confidence - Patrizi comments -, we will continue to support at a strategic and technical level the group of our extraordinary CABs to address the major transitions of our time: preserving farm profitability, intergenerational and natural heritage, the ability to offer quality work, in a context terribly penalizing for agricultural producers due to the global market arrangements, unfair international competition and devastating climate change."

The cooperative also approved a balanced budget, illustrated by director Massimo Bondi. In addition to Patrizi, the Board of Directors included the directors of the member cooperatives: Giambi of Agrisfera, Claudio Mazzotti of CAB Campiano, Marco Lanzoni of CAB Bagnacavallo and Faenza, Giampietro Sabbatani of CAB Massari, Lino Bacchilega of CAB Terra, Paolo Rosetti of CAB Comprensorio Cervese and Franco Balducci of CAB Fusignano.

Promosagri is a planning, consulting and technical assistance cooperative for agri-food cooperatives; its member CABs manage about 15,000 hectares of specialized herbaceous and tree crops.

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