Cooperators remember the 131st anniversary of the Conselice massacre

On May 21, 131 years ago in Conselice, soldiers fired on a group of rice-workers on strike for higher wages and unemployed laborers demanding the start of public works, killing two women and a man and wounding 30 others.

To commemorate this tragic event, a group of cooperators - including the head of the agri-food sector of Legacoop Romagna, Stefano Patrizi, the president and director of Cab Massari, Gabriele Tonnini and Giampietro Sabbatani - went yesterday to the Monument to the Mondine and Scariolanti together with the Mayor, Paola Pula, and the Councilor for Social and Welfare Policies of Conselice, Raffaella Gasparri, "Not only a gesture of remembrance, but also of solidarity with all those who still in the world - comments Patrizi - fight and unite to defend work and human rights".

A turning point in the history of Italy and the territory was remembered, where the strength of the demonstrations launched the first cooperatives. Already at the end of 1890, on November 16, the "General Cooperative Association of Laborers of Conselice, Lavezzola and San Patrizio" was established.

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