The 2020 data of the labourer cooperatives of Ravenna presented to the regional councillor Mammi

Ravenna, 12/7/2020 - The 11,700 hectares of land cultivated by the 7 Farmers' Cooperatives in the province of Ravenna are a lynchpin for ecological innovation in agriculture. A driving role in the fight against climate change. This is what can be seen from the Report presented online on Friday, December 4. Among the guests, the regional councillor Alessio Mammi and the European parliamentarian Paolo De Castro.

The Ravenna “CABs” in 2019 employed 595 people and achieved net revenues of 39 million euros. In recent years, they have converted 16.2% of their land to organic farming, against a provincial average of 7.6%. To this are added 886 hectares of land destined for agri-environment and renaturalization with woods, hedges, pulp and ponds, while the two large stables produce 6.5 million litres of organic milk per year. 

The ecological commitment does not end here, in fact we must remember the over 40,000 megawatts of green energy produced per year by 5 biogas plants, closely integrated with the company's agricultural activities, and by some photovoltaic systems.

The hectares in social and indivisible ownership of the cooperatives are confirmed as stable at 11,960, the use of which grows reaching 11,802 of utilized agricultural area destined for 88.2% to herbaceous crops, 1.4% to orchards, 3, 1% to the vineyard and 7.3% to the agri-environment.

The group's distinctive seed vocation is very interesting, in fact 43.8% of the production is destined for this type of supply chain.  

It should be noted the increase in exchanges with other cooperatives in the agri-food chain, which reach 81.8% as regards contributions, while the figure on investments in the three-year period 2016-2019 is significant, equal to 18 million, of which 16 million made with own resources.

CABs have their roots in the laborers' experiences of the 19th century and still represent a business experience managed democratically by workers unique in the world, so much so that it is also studied in the USA.

Michele De Pascale, president of the Province of Ravenna, Stefano Patrizi, president of Promosagri, Cristian Maretti, national president of Legacoop Agroalimentare and Mario Mazzotti, president of Legacoop Romagna also took part in the presentation on 4 December. The data were presented by Aldo Zoppo from the consulting area of ​​Federcoop Romagna.

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