"The EU must put regular work in agriculture at the center"

"The capping proposed in the new post-2020 CAP risks unfairly penalizing land management cooperatives"

Ravenna, November 17, 2020. The reform lines of the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy, approved by the EU Parliament on 20 October, propose to consider only 50% of the cost of rural labor to limit the so-called "capping", the cap on contributions for farms large.
A measure envisaged for landowning companies, but which also ends up affecting different realities dedicated to job creation, such as the seven Agricultural Laborers Cooperatives of Ravenna gathered under the umbrella of Promosagri, which employ 600 people in 12,000 hectares of fields.
“I must express great concern about the turn the discussion on the limitations of the basic payment has taken”, comments Stefano Patrizi, president of Promosagri. The reference is to the calculation of the cut, proposed by Parliament, to direct payments paid annually to farmers, progressively reduced for incomes exceeding 60 thousand euros, up to 100 thousand euros, beyond which nothing will be paid anymore. The possibility of exceeding or not the thresholds for accessing such loans is however determined by subtracting 50% of the costs incurred by the company for the payment of wages.

"This is a fundamental political element for countries, such as ours, in order to support labor-intensive agriculture and encourage regular work - explains Patrizi -, but precisely for this reason the possibility of deducting the cost of labor it must be 100% for all of Europe. The European Union needs to assume greater responsibility in enhancing companies capable of providing regular work, especially in an economic context and the labor market severely compromised by Covid-19 ".

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