Precision Farming, the CABs of Ravenna continue to invest in view of the post pandemic

May 7 2020  Le Cooperative Agricole Braccianti of Ravenna have signed an integrated contract with Promosagri, in collaboration with theagronomist Paolo Rosetti, in order to enhance the use of new technologies and skills in "Precision farming". 

2020 will be the most difficult year in recent decades for a series of terrible causes such as the pandemic, the Asian bedbug, spring frosts and the bogeyman of the collapse in the prices of production. However, the CABs do not intend to be found unprepared for the recovery and want to do so also thanks to the use of precision technologies.

For over 10 years these unique realities in the European panorama have been working with digitized and geo-referenced maps with satellite surveys and guides, arriving, in some cultivation operations such as fertilization and seeding, to intervene according to the biochemical and physical characteristics of detail of the soils, while in the livestock sector, milking robots and software for feeding, animal health and animal welfare have been introduced. 

This agreement aims to further increase the qualification of the group. "The important experience of some CABs is a starting point for others that can thus count on sharing knowledge", explains Rosetti. "We will work - he continues - to complete the mapping of the surfaces and the guidelines for tractors within this year, thus increasing the efficiency of the management of the means of production. A practice that will result in a saving of resources between 10 and 20%. In the next phase, satellite technologies for water management will be enhanced. Finally, we plan to implement even more the variable rate technique for the selective distribution of fertilizers and pesticides ". 

Precision Farming is a revolutionary and inevitable technology. Several subjects operate in this technological sector, which is currently booming. In the absence of adequate policies, however, the risk is that the markets concentrate the offer in monopolies and oligopolies. "For cartography and data we already use open source software, but accessibility to innovations, protection of agronomic data must be guaranteed, promoting competition and transparency according to international standards", Stefano Patrizi, president di Promosagri, says.“In this sense, we fear that, once again, in uncontrolled markets, few subjects will end up taking away value from the campaign. An issue that unfortunately has not been taken up in the Ministry Guidelines approved by ministerial decree on 22 December 2017 and which continues to be underestimated ".

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