Report Cab presented: commitment numbers for ecological conversion, work and democracy. A new brand to enhance the identity of the group

Ravenna, 4/12/2019 - The choice to continue on the path of ecological conversion, through the increase of biological productions, the production of green energy, the renaturalisations, the commitment to work and democracy, a new brand: the Farm laborers from Ravenna confirmed on the occasion of presentation of their annual report - hosted on December 4 in the Nullo Baldini room of Legacoop Romagna - to be an irreplaceable reality for the agricultural sector. An element that was emphasized by the president of Legacoop Romagna Mario Mazzotti in his speech, "In 2018 the original experience of the farm laborers was consolidated which, taken together, represent the largest Italian agricultural company".

The numbers exhibited by Aldo Zoppo of Federcoop Romagna help to understand the quality of the Cabs' commitment to protecting the environment: the agricultural area used for organic farming is equal to 17.8 percent of the total (and in any case the remaining part is cultivated with the integrated production method), 6.8 million organic milk is produced per year, while green energy production plants using biogas and photovoltaics guarantee 40 thousand megawatts of energy per year. In addition, there are 769 hectares dedicated to re-naturalization with woods, woods, hedges and ponds. 

In addition to the President of Promosagri and Legacoop Romagna Agribusiness Manager Stefano Patrizi, the Vice President of the Province of Ravenna, Eleonora Proni, the President of Legacoop Agroalimentare Nord-Italia, Cristian Maretti and the Councilor for outgoing agriculture of the Region participated in the initiative. Simona Caselli, who, after expressing her appreciation for the work of the farm laborers, announced the commitment of the Region for the European Union to recognize this type of farm. Among the politicians present, the candidates for regional councilors in the upcoming elections on 26 January, the regional councilors Gianni Bessi, Andrea Corsini and Manuela Rontini, the councilor of the Municipality of Ravenna Gianandrea Baroncini and the mayors of Conselice and Massa Lombarda Paola Pula and Daniele Bassi . "It is necessary for the EU - said Stefano Patrizi - to increase its ability to govern international agricultural markets to enhance our exports as well as to defend our products from unfair and environmentally unsustainable competition". In streaming Leonardo Pofferi, vice president of Cogeca, the European Association of Agricultural Cooperatives, and representative of the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives in Brussels, addressed the issue of renewal of the CAP.

On the occasion, the new Promosagri brand was also presented, which renews the image of the Cabs aiming to enhance the group's identity. In the conclusions Mario Mazzotti recalled that "The work of innovation and new investments by the Cabs continues, among which we note the growth in percentage of organic cultivation, going from 10.5 per cent in 2017 to 17.8 in 2019, but also the introduction of precision agriculture and the launch of important training courses for members and workers. Further projects are being prepared: in particular on the biological and on a greater integration between production cooperatives, those of second degree up to large retailers ".

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