In library "Tutti o nessuno" by Alison Sanchèz Hall

Ravenna, 21/11/2019 - From today it is in the bookstore "Tutti o nessuno, la rivoluzione cooperativa dei braccianti di Romagna" by Alison Sanchèz Hall, translation in Italian of the original edition in English "All or none", promoted by Legacoop and its cooperatives. At the beginning of the seventies the young American researcher Alison Sanchez Hall arrived in Ravenna with the aim of studying the history and functioning of agricultural worker cooperatives. His professor wanted to show that cooperation is a "residual utopia", a relic of the past "in red tints", but the conclusions to which Alison arrived in the study of these centenary cooperatives, denied it, highlighting how in the cooperative movement there are values solidaristic and human beings who go beyond the simple search for profit. That research then became many years later the occasion for the book in English, published by Berghan Books of New York, which today has been translated for the types of Giorgio Pozzi Editore. "We considered it necessary to promote the translation of Alison's book to facilitate the reading of the Italian public - reads the preface by Legacoop - of our cooperators, and above all of our young people, of a story so powerful and suggestive, certainly able to reawaken, like a sprout from ancient roots, the international value of 'unity and solidarity among the weakest, an essential humus for the development of cooperation and civilization ”. Always from Legacoop they let us know that in the coming weeks will follow presentations of the book in the territory and in the cooperatives in the presence of the author.

THE AUTHOR - Alison Sànchez Hall graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara and received her Ph.D. in 1977. Her long academic career centered around the University of Central Arkansas and other prestigious US universities. "Tutti o Nessuno" represents the summa of 40 years of studies by the author, who began studying the cooperative model of Emilia-Romagna in the early seventies and since then has made numerous trips to Italy to further her research. In 2014 she retired from teaching, but continues to be engaged as a political activist.

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