The first campaign of organic sugar beet ends

31 luglio 2019 – Si è conclusa la prima campagna di BARBABIETOLE BIO del nostro gruppo. 4 Cooperative Agricole Braccianti hanno messo a disposizione di questa coltura complessivamente 66 ettari, ottenendo produzioni medie discrete (34 tonnellate per ettaro).
The production that took place agree with the Coprob cooperative, is part of a general project to enhance Italian sugar, through the organic method.
Despite the efforts of the agricultural cooperative chain, the recent EU and #Mercosur agreement, which provides for the importation, from Latin American countries, of raw sugar for 180,000 tn at zero duty and of another 10,000 of special sugars, including organic, risks compromising the entire European supply chain.
The cultivation of organic beetroot is not easy or free from risks of a technical-agronomic and environmental nature. The main problems are related to the management of weeds, therefore requiring specific precision interventions for the cleaning of the herbs and the control of some parasites.

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