Celebrated the 129th anniversary of the "Massacre of Conselice"

May 22, 2019 - On May 21, 129 years ago in Conselice, soldiers fired at a group of rice workers on strike due to the wage increase request and unemployed laborers who demanded the start of public works, killing two women, a man and injuring another 30 people.
To commemorate this tragic event a group of cooperators, including the general manager of Cab Massari, Giampietro Sabbatani, the head of the agri-food sector of Legacoop Romagna, Stefano Patrizi, and the Mayor of Conselice, Paola Pula, went to the Monumento alle Mondine e agli Scariolanti.
The opportunity was taken to recall the importance of this sacrifice which represented a turning point in the country's history, after which the spontaneity of the demonstrations gave way to the first forms of cooperative organization. Already at the end of 1890, on November 16th the «General Cooperative Association between Laborers of Conselice, Lavezzola and San Patrizio» was established.

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