Remembered the 136th anniversary of the first cooperative of Ravenna

9 April 2019 - On the occasion of the 136th anniversary of the "Associazione Generale degli Operai Braccianti del Comune di Ravenna" a delegation of Legacoop Romagna cooperators went to the house where the founding meeting of the association took place.
The first cooperative of this territory was established on 8 April 1883 and had among the 32 founding members also Nullo Baldini, one of the fathers of Italian cooperation, at the time not yet of age.
The commemorative event, held in front of the plaque commemorating the episode, was attended, among others, by the agri-food manager of Legacoop Romagna, Stefano Patrizi, the president of the Federazione delle Cooperative della provincia di Ravenna, Lorenzo Cottignoli, the director of Promosagri , Massimo Bondi, a large group of young cooperators from the agricultural laborers cooperatives of Ravenna, and the president of Cab TerRa, Fabrizio Galavotti, cooperative heir to those pioneers.
The history of the "General Association of Farm Workers" is inextricably linked to the epic of the reclamation of the marshes of our territory, as well as those of the Roman coast. Even today, the 7 agricultural cooperatives of labor of the province of Ravenna carry forward the values expressed by the words of the first statute in such a powerful way: "By this means the workers adhering to it, reduced to poor conditions by the greed of the contractors, think they are taking the first step in the way of their emancipation, as the conditions of work improved, the Association will offer them the way to educate and remove themselves from the state of misery and subjection in which they find themselves today ".

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