The CABs of Ravenna open up to Europe with an important collaboration between Italy and Germany

13 February 2019 - From 4 to 7 February a delegation composed of the directors of CAB, Promosagri and Legacoop Romagna visited some of the most important "Agrargenossenschafts", agricultural co-operatives in land management, in the regions of Thuringia and Saxony.
The visit was organized thanks to the collaboration with the national association of agricultural cooperatives of Germany, the "Deutscher Raiffeisenverband", which represents most of the almost one thousand German land management cooperatives, which in East Germany lead 1.8 million hectares. The numbers alone say how this kind of cooperation is an extraordinary and absolutely first-rate phenomenon.

These cooperatives were born in the post-war period following the policies of the DDR of collectivization of land management, continuing then to operate, renewing itself after the fall of the Berlin Wall, until now successfully, representing a winning business model. Similar in size to Ravenna's Farm Workers Cooperatives, they have a mixed social base composed of small landowners and workers; they express a predominantly extensive agriculture, dedicated to animal husbandry and the production of green energy. Agronomy and cooperative models with similarities and differences, but in the end a common work theme for the future was identified: the promotion of the "Cooperative Farm" model in Europe and in the Common Agricultural Policy.

A type of agricultural company that deserves European recognition, which is lacking today, due to its ability to manage the agricultural economy equitably, support environmental policies, be linked to its community.
The study visit, carried out as part of the "Exchanges and visits" program of the Green Catalog of the Emilia-Romagna RDP, opened a construction site to forge closer relationships between the associations and their cooperatives, and to support them the battle for Europe to recognize the role, weight and functions of these agricultural cooperatives.

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