Annual CAB Report: Stefano Patrizi: "40% of the CAB's land is used for seed crops"

4 November 2018 - On 12 November at 9.30 am at the Fattoria Guiccioli in Mandriole, the Annual Report of the Cooperative Farms of the Province of Ravenna will be presented.
These land management cooperatives are a unique business system. Their great history, which began at the end of the nineteenth century, led them to be a reference point for a "extraordinary" agriculture. Also this year they decided to share their report with the community, full of significant indicators for the entire sector, in a key event.

“An emerging datum of the CABs is that 40% of their land is used for seed crops, not traditional crops destined to the production of foodstuffs, but plants that produce seeds selected for reproduction that in turn will give origin to crops for the production of commodities - explains Stefano Patrizi, President Promosagri -, is a datum that demonstrates a very interesting vocation of not only of the CABs but of the whole Romagna: the cultures from seed require advanced technologies and professionality and are in degree to add value. In our case it is wheat, barley, alfalfa, sunflower, soy, coriander, chard, but also onions and other vegetables ”.
The CABs cultivate 12.000 hectares of land.
In the morning will take place the speeches of Cristian Maretti, President of Legacoop Agroalimentare Nord-Italia, Michele De Pascale, Mayor of Ravenna; Aldo Zoppo, Federcoop Romagna, who will give the data and trends of the CAB 2018 Monitoring; Stefano Patrizi, President of Promosagri, who will explain how the CABs are still today a unique farm business system; Roberto Fanfani, formerly Professor of Economic Policy at the UNIBO, will hold a speech on CABs in the regional agricultural economy; Tito Menzani, Professor of Business History at Unibo, will talk about "History, identity and perspectives of the CAB model". The morning will end with Simona Caselli, Councilor for Agriculture of the Emilia-Romagna Region and Guglielmo Russo, President of Legacoop Romagna.

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