CAB: "Difficult year for cereals, good quality but made down"

31 July 2018 - A hard vintage for straw cereals. After a record 2017, the results of 2018 disappoint the expectations of
Cooperative Agricole Braccianti di Ravenna. Compared to last year, 38 thousand quintals were "lost".
This year the CABs cultivated 3,512 hectares of cereal, divided as follows: 1665 with common wheat, 1523 with durum wheat, 315 with barley and the remaining area with minor cereals. The area cultivated in organic farming is increasing and stands at 393 hectares, 11% of the total.
The overall production of cereals obtained, with the same surface area, was 192,000 quintals compared to 230,000 obtained in 2017.

For the common wheat the average production obtained is 58 quintals per hectare, 17% lower than the 2017 production.
Negative trend also for durum wheat, the average production obtained is 54 quintals/hectare, about 12% lower than in 2017.
The same also for barley with an average production of 47 quintals/hectare.
The organic productions are of excellent quality, naturally lower than the conventional cultivations, in any case dropped between 10 and 15% compared to 2017.
The qualitative parameters are good, as bread-making and pasta making characteristics, and the health aspects are positive for the absence of mycotoxins. As usual the variability of the productive results is wide, in relation to the pedological, varietal, agronomic and microclimatic aspects. To note the climatic trend that has disadvantaged the crops, excessive rainfall that caused water stagnation and thermal lowering that had a negative impact on the setting, thunderstorms, even with hail, which caused bedellings. To report a large area hit by hail that affected the land of the CAB Massari for about 2000 hectares with various crops.
At the moment the price trend is certainly not encouraging, and to recover at least the costs incurred, the hope is that it can improve significantly.

Results of the cereals of the CABs of 2018 with historical series since 1974.

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