Change at the top of Promosagri: Sanzani gives way to Patrizi

May 23, 2018 - Today, May 23, the assembly of Promosagri was held, a consortium that brings together the Cooperative Agricole Braccianti di Ravenna, to renew the management. Marcello Sanzani, president for 18 years, has finished his commitment in view of retirement, in his place was Stefano Patrizi, current head of the agri-food sector of Legacoop Romagna, while at the vice-presidency Giovanni Giambi, general director of Agrisfera.

Giovanni Giambi

Le Cooperative Agricole Braccianti di Ravenna conduct 10% of the useful agricultural area of the Province, of which almost all in ownership and the 15,4% in organic, employing over 600 people with participatory management and regular contracts. The most important productions concern wheat, barley, corn, tomatoes, vines, and revenues in 2017 amount to 41 million euros (+ 10% on 2016).

«After 18 years and 5 mandates I have finished. It was a very interesting experience that formed me and gave me a lot of satisfaction. In the last twenty years I believe we have done a good job. 2017 also had a positive balance despite the adverse weather conditions. Now is the time to congratulate the new and in particular Stefano Patrizi »declares Sanzani.

Stefano Patrizi

The newly elected president Stefano Patrizi adds: «CABs are the largest group of agricultural companies in the country. The commitment will continue to see the identity of these incredible companies definitively recognized, to invest in research, and above all in the people of this system ".

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